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Misanthropic Boy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Misanthropic Boy

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Changing journals I write in. [26 Jul 2002|12:41pm]
Folks, go to www.livejournal.com/users/mr_criticism to read most of my new entries from now on. Post a comment and I'll add you to my friends' list.
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Let's try updating when I'm not in a semi-depressed mood. [26 Jul 2002|09:19am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Yeah, so I really don't have anything wrong right now. This is probably why this entry will be incredibly short--I have nothing to bitch and complain about.

I've got a job, which is good. Lindsay lent me the money to pay for my transit ticket. I'll go pay for that today.

Meh. Still single, at least. I'm still not sure what's happening with the girl I like. I have no idea if I have a chance, or I'm really out to lunch on this one. Meh.

So, today involves cleaning the house. Blah.


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Meh. [23 Jul 2002|06:14pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

It's too hot to properly gauge how I'm really feeling at the moment. I feel kind of lifeless, but I think that's because it's hot, and I have absolutely no energy.

So, I had my driver's test this morning. Right before the test, I was going across an intersection(17th ave. and 45 street SW)when my light was green, and some fucking moron in an SUV drove right through a red light and almost smashed right into me. Luckily I had slowed up before the intersection--which was actually a driving error; I should've maintained speed--or else I wouldn't be writing this entry with you today, because the guy was going at least 80 km/h and would've totalled the car.

Anyways. This really fucked me up during my exam. I got 60 demerit points, which was absolutely horrible. I did, however, not get 75, so I passed. If anyone actually questions the safeness of my driving, please don't. I'm actually not a terrible driver. I promise!

My nazi parents aren't going to let me drive alone for a bit. Fuck that. They'll let me get away with it as long as I make sure to be safe all the time, which I can easily do.

I was supposed to hang out with Callie today(I think, although I have a terrible memory), but I called and she didn't get my message until now, so nothing happened. I was supposed to hang out with Stef later today, but she just didn't call. I have no idea what happened there. Stuff with her has been interesting as of late. I think she still likes me, which is not surprising. I brought out my nice guy side to her, which, as she told me, is far more attractive than my pretentious jerk side. Who would've guessed it?

I'm kind of tired. Fucking heat.

Good bye.

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So, it's 6:33, and I'm awake. [20 Jul 2002|06:33am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

I have the in-class part of my driving school today; it's 7 1/2 hours and starts at 9am. I don't really know why I'm awake right now, but, regardless, I still am.

Life is strange lately. I seem to be happy, sad, unhappy, angry, and whatever emotion can come to me. I don't know why. My mind just seems to be confused. I hate being single; it does, pathetically, make me feel more incomplete as a person. Feel free to laugh at that fact.

Sunday I went down to Hot Hot Heat, but got a call from my parents saying I was grounded because of my argument with my mother earlier that day. I kind of deserved it, I guess. Oh well. I hung out with Cayla while waiting for my bus. I feel weird around her. She's good looking and flirty, and I could get some action, but I seem to not be able to demoralize myself to a point where I can be with a girl just to get some action. We were flirting a lot that night, but I made sure not to at Warped Tour, because I know that I really don't want to do stuff with her when her personality doesn't at all appeal to me. How am I supposed to date when I start caring about things like personality? Heh.

Warped Tour was good. I hate jock rockers, though. They seem to get caught up in this image that punk shows are all about being violent, a jerk, and not respecting anyone. Sure, if they did this during punk bands, they'd be semi-correct, but getting punched in the nose during Thursday pissed me off. Speaking of which, Thursday were amazing. I can't wait until they come back in October. Badreligion, also, made me smile a lot. I was looking forward to them so much, and they made me happy except for the fact that it was too violent to get within 100 feet of the stage.

11,000 people at Warped Tour and we can barely manage 50 people at most shows. That just sucks.

Last night's show was fairly good, but I only stayed for 3 bands because of my lesson today. I liked most people I was with, but I was so easily irritated that I just couldn't stand a few people; most of which were girls. Yeah, Wishing Well played last night. They're now an emo band. The last time I heard them I was with Rachel(blech. Why did I do stuff with her?)and they were a punk band. Interesting how much they changed. They were great, nevertheless.

Why do I feel like I like girls when I have no chance with them? I'm too damn nervous of rejection to initiate anything or just say I like girls; and too damn nervous to not ruin things when girls do like me. It's strange. I can go into self-loathing about looks, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ugly; I can go into self-loathing about how I'm a jerk, but I'm really not a jerk to girls I like; I can even blame it on my last relationship screwing me up, but doing that passes the blame from myself to someone else, which is not a right thing for me to do.

Nneah. It's now 6:50, so I guess this explains why this is a little bit of a strange and weepy entry. In better news, I had a job interview at Tim Horton's yesterday, and I'll have another on Monday(hopefully). Plus, I'll have my license Tuesday(provided I pass the driving test), which is really good.


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Survey time! [13 Jul 2002|02:38pm]
Full Name: Sean George Lynch
Nicknames:Seanzo, Seanaroonie, Seanski, Seanie, Seanathan, Dick, Asshole.
Hometown: Calgary
Croutons or Bacon Bits: Croutons
Favorite Salad Dressing: Ceaser
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?Nope.
Do you make fun of people: Never!
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: Transit ticket?
Best online friends: I don't know.
One pillow or two?: 1
Pets: Cinder the cat
Favorite Type of Music: Emo
Hobbies: Sleeping, soccer, gigs, my computer, reading right-wing propaganda.
Dream Car: Quack.
Type of Car you drive now: Pontiac Montana van.
Words or Phrases you overuse: Faggot; drink anti-freeze; I'm not gay!
Toothpaste: Whatever I have.
Favorite Food: Ribs.
Online Crush: That girl I saw pictures of and jacked off over last night. Oh, baby.
Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Right-hand.
Piercing or tattoos?: No.
Most romantic thing that ever happened to you: The beginning of my relationship with Christina. I swear that the clouds parted, exposing a beautiful night sky, just before our first kiss as we laid on the sand.
Do you get along with your parents: Yeah, I guess. Not with my mom as of late because she stopped taking her medication.
Favorite town to chill in: Calgary.
Favorite Ice Cream: Mint chocolate.
Favorite Soft Drink: Coke.
What's your bed time: Bed?
Adidas, Nike, or Reebok: Adidas.
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: I don't know
Favorite Song at the moment: Radio--Alkaline Trio
Least Favorite Subject in School: Physics.
Favorite Sport to Watch: Soccer
Loudest person you know: Hm. Brandon.
Craziest person you know (or silliest): Jeffrey, 'cause he's crazy for me.
Favorite Holiday: No clue.
Things I've learned from life: Do not stick your finger in an electrical socket; do not ask if you can kiss her--you look like a dork; porn is good; the bigger the lie the more people will believe it.
Favorite number: 7
Favorite color: blue
Greatest experience in your lifetime: I don't know
Why are you here on earth?: To spite you.
Who means the most to you?: Jeebus.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? Nose
2.serious or be funny? Funny
3. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
4. Whole or skim milk?Whole.
5. Single or Taken? taken
6. Simple or complicated? Complicated
7. Law or anarchy? law
8. Flowers or angels? flowers
9. Grey or gray? grey
10. Read or write? read
11. Color or black-and-white photos? Black and white
12. Sunrise or sunset? sunset
13. M&M's or Skittles? M&Ms.
14. Rap or rock? Rock the house, y'all.
15. Stay up late or wake up late? Kick hippies.
16. TV or Radio? TV
17. Is it POP or SODA? pop
18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? O
20. Eat an apple or an orange? Apple.
21. What came first the chicken or the egg? egg
22. Hot or Cold?Hot
24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? Shorter than me.
25. Sun or moon? Moon.
26. Emerald or ruby? Ruby
28. Left or right? right
29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Chocolate
31. High or Drunk? Drunk.
32. Green beans or carrots?Green beans
33. Low fat or fat free? Low fat('cause the fuckers are really just lying, and it always tastes the same)
34. What is your biggest fear in the world? Getting to the top and plummeting
36. Kids or no kids? Kids
37. Cat or dog? Snoop Doggy Dogg.
38. Half empty or half full? Half empty.
39. Mustard or ketchup? Catsup
40. Hard cover books or soft cover books? You said, "Hard." Oh, yeah!
41. Newspaper or magazine? Magazine
42. Sandals or sneakers? Sneakers
43. Wonder or amazement? Amazement
44. Red car or white car? Red
45. Happy and poor or sad and rich? Money buys happiness, morons.
46. Singing or dancing? Singing
47. Hugging or Kissing? Depends on the mood. Kissing is great, but there's nothing better than hugging the one you love.
48. Corduroy or plaid? Plaid
49. Happy or sad? happy
50. Purple or green? green
51. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? Friends with benefits.
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Back to the good life. [13 Jul 2002|10:58am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I got my learner's license on Monday. I just had my first driving lesson yesterday, and I will have my full license by the 23rd. When this day comes, I think I'm going to steal the van and go and pick people up. Mm. I can't wait.

I really haven't said much lately, have I? Yeah, I applied for jobs on...Tuesday? Yeah, Tuesday. I'm going to go do a follow up on all of them today to see what's happening with them. Yeah, I really need money so that I can go to Warped Tour, and so I can pay off my transit ticket which is do on the 31st. Shite.

Stef and I went and hung out down at the school by our houses last night. It was a really great time. We kicked a soccer ball around, talked for about 2 hours, she bought me a slurpee, then I walked her home. I really enjoy her as a friend. Really. It's nice to be able to hang out with her and actually not have to feel that I want to go out with her. Plus, calling her boyfriend a pussy who will amount to nothing is fun. Heh. He's not allowed to know that we hung out, though, because he's over-protective with her.

Jeffrey is probably coming over today. I'll ask him if he wants to stay the night watching scary movies and playing Eternal Darkness. He's treating me to the Hot Hot Heat show tomorrow! Jeffrey is the fucking man. I mean it. I love Jeffrey.

Oh, when I came home last night I checked out calgarypunk.com and read a hilarious reply by some of the people Stef know. So, I directed insults their way. Click on read more to read the most hilarious thing I've said in a long while.

Read more...Collapse )

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I've figured it out. My recent fuck ups with girls, and lack of connection, is finally understood! [08 Jul 2002|10:51pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So, it's actually very simple. I can't believe how long it took me to figure things out.

Just relax with them. Give them attention, but don't suffocate them with it; don't leave things forever, but don't move in too quick; and, most important, don't panic. Let's just hope I can actually apply these techniques, and it's not too late for them to work.

Oh, I also discovered that girls like assholeishness, but only when it's still cute. When it steps over a certain line, they fucking hate you. It's like Reggie Mantle from Archie Comics. Reggie is the fucking man sometimes with his narcissistic and assholeish behavior, but when he pulls of the huge-ass stunts, Betty and Veronica drop him like a sack of maneur.

Oh, Sean, you're on fire tonight!

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Take that, David Suzuki. [08 Jul 2002|02:46pm]
Our hero meets David Suzuki.

(The Kyoto Accord) Shut up, faggot. Kyoto is bunk science.

Don't call me a faggot! I'm a scientist, ya know!
(Sean's "magic juice".) Sorry. To show I'm sorry, I offer you this drink.

Thanks, Seanzo! You're great. KYOTO NOW!
Drinky drink. Excellent. Chug away, my little moron--er, friend.

Fire ball rush! Take that for Global Warming, ya hippy! :)

Create your own NES Comic
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Comic for the day. [08 Jul 2002|02:22pm]
Our hero versus the referees.

Doot doot. I'm going to win this game.
*For lack of better picture, I am the soccer ball. Look at that blonde kid! I'm goin' to get him!

kick kick
Look, I'm on a breakaway! I'M GOING TO CRUNCH THA SKINNY KID!

CRUNCH! Haha. Skinny kid got crunched. Oh, I saw no foul..

Hey, referee, how about you make a call?
I am the red card, although I don't look it. RED CARD. Take that, skinny kid!

Create your own NES Comic
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Return of the comic! [06 Jul 2002|09:01pm]
Revenge of the ex-girlfriend.

(Oh no, it's Sean. I'll ignore him!)
Oh..Hey!(I should run like the dickens...) ZOOM!

Now I have my boyfriend with me. Smash smash!
My girlfriend calls me Sean when she kisses me. Hm (I wonder if the judge would buy my story...)

(I wonder if he wants to talk for Old Time's Sake)
I'm going to blow this popsicle joint! (I'm such a faggot!)

I want him back...let's get him!
CHABOOM! Not this time, bitch. EXPLODE!

Create your own NES Comic
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I sense something's up. [06 Jul 2002|10:24am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I wake up this morning to see that Heather and Stef are getting along...the same goes for Stef and Derya. It seems Stef talked to both of them last night, and was being really nice to both of them. Great, you'd normally think, but I can't help think that there's some fucked up reasons behind all of this. Considering she didn't talk to me last night, I would assume that I'm correct.

Oh well. Maybe if I ignore things they'll go away.

I'm suspended from my soccer game today. Oh well. I'm playing tomorrow.

Tonight is the Minks' show. I'm looking forward to it. I hope I actually end up going.

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"I've got... [05 Jul 2002|12:03pm]
...a big fat fucking bone to pick with you, my darling.
In case you haven't heard, I'm sick and tired of trying.
I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you.
Plugged in and ready to fall."

Good morning. I forgot that I'm meeting people for lunch at 12. I should've thought of the fact that I hadn't slept in 36 hours before I decided to do that. It seems that with 36 hours of no sleep, my mind compensated this with 12 hours straight of sleep. Oh well.

The trip yesterday was interesting. I never fell asleep, but half of the trip I wasn't fully awake. My mind become clouded by thoughts, about anything and everything, that seemed to drive me insane. I put my head phones on, and then the lyrics to songs would become clouded in my thoughts. Time would disappear with my eyes open; no memories, just blankness. I would get up when we'd stop, try to find out where we are, and have no idea where I am. Now that was interesting!

Tonight is the last Multi show. I'm going to make sure to be there, 'cause there will probably be a ton of great people going.

I wrote her a long, guilt-ridden email. That really hurt, but I'll be fine. I've decided that I'm going to chill out with girls for a while. Make sure I really am interested in a girl before I even bother with her. Sure, I'll probably leave some empty flirting in, but what else can be expected? :)

Sleep really seems to help; the same goes for masturbation. Contrary to popular belief, I went the whole trip without masturbation. God, that really sucked. I'm sure you all care, right?

To everyone in Kelowna: I'm sorry I left on such short notice. I don't like Kelowna anymore, and that has nothing to do with you. I just...had to get out. You know what I mean? The valley is a hole of a place to be in. When you live outside of it, you'll really realize it. It kind of upset me to be there. I'm not sure why, but it did. Thank you all for your kindness on my trip, and I enjoyed seeing all of you. If any of you are ever in Calgary, you've got a place to stay(unless you're a girl, 'cause my parents think I want to have sex with every girl I know. Yes, that makes absolutely no sense, I know.).
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Leaving Kelowna. [04 Jul 2002|02:55am]
3 hours left to kill, and then I'm gone.

A broken heart and a promise I won't come back here is all I have to show.

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Hardline! [03 Jul 2002|03:31am]
sXe to the max.

Doo doo doo. I want to find pot smokers to beat up
I want GANJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no! Straight-edge biotch is a comin'!
BONGARIFIC! I shall destroy you!!!!!!!!


I told you he had a small cock!

Create your own NES Comic
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I'm off. [28 Jun 2002|09:15am]
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last entry I'll post before I'm in Kelowna. We're living in 10-15 minutes, so I'm just posting this to leave you all my number, and to let you know you're free to call me at any time. The number is (403) 660-4191, and if you call and I'm not there, just leave a message.

I'm meeting Alex at the mall at 1 P.M. on Saturday. If any of you would care to join us, you're invited, as long as you ask him first. Heh.

Anyways, I'll be at Big White tonight. I'll probably call most of you from there, anyways, so I'll talk to you tonight.

Ciao, my Seanamaniacs.
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Boo-yes. [27 Jun 2002|09:56pm]

My Favorite Female Part Is:

The Ass: Soft, smooth, and perky!

Just don't remind me where food goes
when you're done with it!

Find out your favorite female or male body part!

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FUCK! [26 Jun 2002|09:51pm]
Greg cancelled on me staying at his house, 'cause he's gone on the 4th and 5th.

I need a place to stay. Fuck!
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Comic! [26 Jun 2002|06:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ode to Mark vs. Ben.

I am ugly. Me now tell stories.
I am fucking hot. I like that you're not over me.

I WILL SMASH YOU! LEAVE MY MAN ALONE! I am the big guy's pee after long night of sex.


They die, and now I dance.
I fuck dancing man. I have big gun. My cock is large.

Create your own NES Comic
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Holy shit! [23 Jun 2002|02:53am]
Great news--I've got me a date with April when I go back. You know, it has only taken her 3 years to realize that we're perfect for each other. Heh. I guess some people really missed me. She told me today that she kept making comparisons between me and other guys, and how I wasn't like them. That was sweet.

Jeffrey is coming over tomo...today. Huzzah!
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"Why don't you tell me again what not to believe in?" [22 Jun 2002|11:32am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

The Plan kick ass. Jeffrey lent me their C.D., and I fucking love it. I'm definitely going to burn it for myself. I would buy it, but I don't know where to get it, and I don't have any money.

6 days until I leave for Kelowna; 5 days until I get my report card; 4 days until the G-8 summit; 3 days until Derya comes over for our date; 2 days until my next soccer game; 1 day until I hang out with Jeffrey; and 25 minutes until I decide to go get lunch.

I'm finished all my final exams. I scored 73% on my Social Studies final, which is fucking amazing considering I bombed the essay part. I estimate that I scored about 40% on the essay portion, so that means that I must've scored 92/100 on my multiple choice. Boo-fucking-yes.

I don't know how I did on Chemistry, but probably not too well. I should've studied, looked over notes, or something, but I didn't. Oh well.

Math went really well. I think that I probably got about 85-90% on it. I didn't guess on a single question, which is surprising with me when it comes to multiple choice.

My mind collapsed yesterday. I'm soooo fried.

That's all, folks.

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